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This babe having lots of fun running this site and you can learn many interesting things about her on her members´ board. She is very active on her board! She also replies to all your emails fast and always keep in touch with her fans!
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17 Oct 2010
Teenager naked..
Emily 18
Teenager naked shots outdoors Preview

Emily 18 poses outdoors in a loose dress and hangs out in a tree to get a vantage point for above. She shows her naked tits because she´s not wearing a bra underneath. She smiles and touches and knows that you´re out there watching and dreaming..

10 Oct 2010
Playing pool..
Emily 18
Playing pool and teasing Preview

Sexy babe Emily 18 sits on the green felt of the pool table in a lovely black lace top and she teases us with tasty shots and fun stripping. She´s a beauty and her small breasts are marvelously perky. They look so smooth and white and fun to..

01 Oct 2010
Seductive Emily Tries To Act Innocent Preview

Emily is looking a little too cute for her own good tilting her adorable head to the side like that in the kitchen! Things really start to heat up when Emily starts showing off her legs and even lets her top down to expose a little bit of her cute..

01 Oct 2010
Teen Tease..
Emily 18
Teen Tease Emily Spreads Her Legs Preview

If you love petite brunettes with adorably cute faces then you are going to fall in love with the petite Emily here. Right at the start you would never guess that she is quite the naughty one as she has such a sweet and innocent face. All the..

30 Sep 2010
Seductive Emily Shows Petite Tight Body  Preview

Looking a little too sexy for her own good, the gorgeous teen Emily here is going to have many men rock solid before she even gets the chance to take off her clothes! She is looking stunning in that gorgeous lingerie she has on and I would have to..

22 Sep 2010
Adorable Teen..
Emily 18
Adorable Teen Flaunts Her Camel Toe Preview

Here is possibly one of the cutest teen models I have ever laid my eyes on, not only does she have an adorably cute face but that body of hers is so damn stunning as well! We find her in the kitchen showing off quite a bit of skin as she starts..

18 Sep 2010
Teasing teen..
Emily 18
Teasing teen shows pussy Preview

Most of the time you don´t get to see the pussy of sweet young Emily 18. Today you don´t get a perfect view of it but she spread her legs and let us look at it through her sheer panties. This is why girls like her tease. It´s way more exciting..

17 Sep 2010
Beach ball babe
Emily 18
Beach ball babe Preview

She wears green and Emily 18 celebrates her lust and pleasure for life with a bit of teasing today. Her top is cropped so you get a great view of her tight tummy. She also provides a few upskirt shots in her lust for your arousal. The girl wants..

16 Sep 2010
A taut little..
Emily 18
A taut little teen ass Preview

Emily 18 stands in front of the camera wearing her little red dress and a naughty smile on her face. She´s a dirty girl hoping to do dirty things and today that includes showing us her cute titties. They´re the perfect globes of tasty teen..

15 Sep 2010
Outdoor teen fun
Emily 18
Outdoor teen fun Preview

Emily 18 is outdoors with a little dress on her sexy body. The sun is burning bright above and since she´s right near the beach the wind blows wonderfully. The shots of her ass in the thong are rather remarkable and you get a few glimpses of her..

14 Sep 2010
A cute set of..
Emily 18
A cute set of teen titties Preview

Emily 18 wears a short dress and it gives her an opportunity to show us her small titties and her beautiful tight ass. She takes everything off in the set and it´s a rare chance to get a look at her pubic hair. The naked teen is a tempting..

29 Jul 2010
Teenager in..
Emily 18
Teenager in costume Preview

Emily 18 wears her cute costume and looks ready to serve some beer at Oktoberfest or appear in a fairy tale. The braided pigtails are a really nice touch and as she strives for cuteness we get to admire all that´s wonderful about the young lady and..

21 Jul 2010
Nice perky teen tits Preview

Emily 18 brings a beautiful gallery to your doorstep and attempts to arouse you with her teen breasts and her pretty face. This is what she does best and her teasing set is centered around the beauty of those tits. They´re perky, a little bit white..

19 Jul 2010
Luscious little ass to view Preview

The always lovely Emily 18 has a beautiful teen body and in the tank top and skirt she looks terrific. She poses in her tease gallery and very slowly exposes bits of her body for your perusal and enjoyment. The teen ass and the teen tits are..

11 Jul 2010
Colorful dress..
Emily 18
Colorful dress for the teen model Preview

Emily 18 wears her colorful dress and under it an orange thong that allows her to show off with ease. When she pulls up the dress you get a look at that tight teen ass and maybe you start drooling a little bit because it looks pretty freaking..

28 Jun 2010
Emily 18
Colorful panties for teen model Preview

Emily 18 lovers her cute panties and anyone that loves this teenage model will enjoy them too. She poses in a cute pair while wearing a tank top with a cartoon character on the front. The lusty lady attempts to turn you on with her teasing body and..

26 Jun 2010
Lovely teen in..
Emily 18
Lovely teen in sheer panties Preview

Because Emily 18 wears sheer panties in her arousing picture gallery you can see her pubic hair and even get a little taste of her pussy. She doesn´t give away all of it but she sure is arousing. The tease gallery of her in the little dress also..

24 Jun 2010
Teen models..
Emily 18
Teen models tits and panties Preview

Emily 18 pulls her long sleeve shirt over her head and models her spectacular young breasts for our pleasure. Next she removes her tight pants and exposes her lovely panties for us. They´re delicious little things and there are several shots..

22 Jun 2010
Secretary loves to tease Preview

Your teen secretary Emily 18 is in the office and her outfit is fantastically sexy on her naughty young body. The key is that it leaves a great deal of skin exposed so she can tempt and tease you all she wants. Prepare to be amazed and aroused at..

21 Jun 2010
Perfect teen..
Emily 18
Perfect teen tits to visit Preview

Have ever seen the tattoo Emily 18 has on her body? It´s a lovely thing and she shows it off by sliding her shorts down just a little bit and letting you have a look. You might be even more interested in seeing her teen tits and she brings them out..

13 Jun 2010
Sexy witch..
Emily 18
Sexy witch shows titties Preview

Emily 18 shows up on camera wearing her sexy Halloween costume and of course the young lady looks awfully attractive. She hopes to turn you on with her lovely breasts and her tight ass in an orange thong. Chances are good she´ll have wild success..

10 Jun 2010
Teen thong..
Emily 18
Teen thong modeling outdoors Preview

Emily 18 poses outdoors in what looks like a broken down fun park/mini golf course. The important thing is that she´s outside and she has a hot ass in a thong she wants to show us. Admiring that fantastic booty is a real pleasure and so is her..

09 Jun 2010
Cute teen goes..
Emily 18
Cute teen goes topless Preview

It´s a cute day for Emily 18 as the young lady shows off in a red skirt and a yellow tube top. Her body looks fantastic in the set and her tummy is awfully cute and smooth. The naked teen breasts are probably the most arousing part of her picture..

02 Jun 2010
Fuzzy lingerie..
Emily 18
Fuzzy lingerie for a babe Preview

Emily 18 shows up on camera wearing a stunningly sexy sheer black lingerie set with fuzzy pink trim to dress it up a little bit. She models her body for us and turns us into aroused, drooling horn dogs by posing, teasing and showing off from every..

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